28 September 2013 Scoutmaster’s Minute

Sixty days ago it was the eve of the launch of our Wood Badge week at Tifie.  The entire staff was thoroughly excited with anticipation to get the course underway the next morning.  Wood Badge is all about the participants and we wanted to give you the very best experience that we could.  We truly took President Beck’s challenge to heart to be the best at sharing the implementation of scouting with all of you.

Now, two months later, we hope each of you are well on your way to implementing what you learned and more importantly what you felt at Wood Badge.  Excellence in scouting is most certainly one of the tools the Lord is using to hasten his work now.  By this time many of you have likely completed some of your ticket items, we commend you most warmly as the normal and natural consequence of this is that the lives of those you serve are blessed.  We pray all of you will feel the warm approbation of a loving Father in Heaven as you press forward with your ticket goals and complete them as you set our to do.  You will be an example of fulfilling your duty to God personally just as we all teach our Young  Men to continually fulfill their duty to God.

That brings me to Baden Powell’s thought on Duty to God, said he, ”We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do it.”  With that thought, here is an inspiring video:

Until next time, Happy Scouting and don’t forget to join “A Century of Honor: Celebrating 100 Years of Service to God and Country” to be broadcast live from the Conference Center, October 29, 2013 at 7:00 pm MDT.

Scoutmaster Jeff

Day 1 – Welcome to Wood Badge

The Premier Scout Leader’s Training for the 21st Century
Camp Tifie, Mountain Dell Scout Ranch

We are so pleased that you are joining us in this Wood Badge course. Thank you for taking time away from other very important priorities to be with us. We are looking forward to getting to know you better and to serving you. We have a great program for you and a great staff that have worked very hard for many months to present it. You will have a great opportunity for fun and learning. Wood Badge for the 21st Century is the premier leadership training for all scout leaders. As a participant in this course, you will learn and develop leadership skills that will enhance your ability to deliver the promise of scouting to our youth.

President Monson has said, “Impossible to measure is the great good which has come from this organization during the past century. . . . I believe in Scouting. I believe in the goals of the organization. I believe in the power of Scouting to bless and enrich lives for good.”

Leadership is the name of the game in Wood Badge. The course content is built upon five themes: 1) Living the Values, 2) Bringing the Vision to Life, 3) Models for Success, 4) Tools of the Trade and 5) Leading to Make a Difference.

President David L. Beck, YM General President teaches, “Training is essential to understanding Scouting and feeling confident that we can implement the program. Training motivates us to succeed because as we develop a degree of mastery, we gain confidence that we really can be successful Scout leaders.” He also challenges us to “be the best implementers of Scouting in the world.”

Another great benefit of the course is the people that you will meet. They will serve as a source of support to you in your daily efforts both in and out of scouting. Again, welcome to Wood Badge! We hope you enjoy this course as much as the staff enjoys bringing it to you.

Jeff Carpenter
Course Director & Scoutmaster